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Welcome to the DCCWiki!
Primary Topics:
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A Digitrax DCC system.
Welcome to DCCWiki

The DCCWiki is an encyclopedia about Digital Command Control used in railroad modeling and is written collaboratively by many of its readers, meaning even you can add or update articles.

If you want to contribute to DCC Wiki, but are not sure where to start, there is a Wiki quick start guide. If you want a slightly more detailed explaination, but still brief, check out the tutorial about this system. Everyone is welcome to contribute!

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New to DCC?

Start by reading the Introduction to DCC article and follow the tutorial about DCC.

Core Topics

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Getting Started with DCC

Components of a DCC system

  • Command Station - Controls your DCC layout.
  • Boosters - Getting power and signals to trains.
  • Decoders - Includes stationary and mobile types.
  • Power supplies - Getting power from standard electrical outlet to your booster.
  • Throttles - Control your trains.
    • Throttle Network - Connecting your throttles to the layout.
      • LocoNet - Digitrax's throttle network - used to connect various components of a Digitrax system together.
      • XpressNet - Lenz's throttle network - used to connect Lenz, and compatable, components together.
      • CAN Bus - The throttle network used by Zimo.

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