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NCE Products

This page is about products from NCE, also known as North Coast Engineering.

DCC Systems

Comparison of NCE starter sets


The PowerCab is an entire DCC system in the same form factor as the well known ProCab. The system outputs up to two amps of current. The PowerCab set allows for all of the functionality found in the Power Pro and other systems. Comes with the PowerCab, a PowerCab exclusive cable, a standard ProCab cable (for use in ProCab mode with the Power Pro systems), PCP Power Panel, Power Supply, and Manual.

(Someone needs to add a section for each of the items described above so we know what each of these items is, and what it's for. I don't know the answers. <Remove this comment once this is done.>)

Power Pro

Just add a power supply (P515) to complete this starter set. This five amp starter set has everything you need to get DCC equipped trains up and running.

  • Five Amp system
  • Includes one ProCab


Same as the PH-Pro, but with 10 amps of power. As with the PH-Pro, just add a power supply (P1018) to complete the start set. The 10 Amp starter set is great for larger scales. This set has everything you need to get DCC equipped trains up and running.

  • Ten Amp system
  • Includes ProCab


The SB3a and DB3a have been discontinued due to obsolescence of critical parts. (NCE Website)


Five amp DCC booster, you must supply your own power supply. Recommended for Z through S scales.


Ten Amp DCC Booster is recommended for O, G and other large scales. The PB-110 provides up to 10 Amps of continuous current to your track. Enough to handle MUs of the largest locomotives. Must supply your own power supply.


A basic All-in-One booster. You can use PB110 as a booster to power both stationary and mobile decoders.



Official Website

PDF Manual - PB110 Manual

Mobile Decoders

Mobile decoders listed here. For now, please see manufacturer's website for a list].

Stationary Decoders

See manufacturer's website.


Switch It

Snap It

Switch Kat

Detection and Signaling


Pro Cab




Power Management


Provides short circuit protection for one power district.


Provides short circuit protection for three power districts.

Wireless Control

Accessories needed for wireless control.

Computer Control

USB Interface

A USB computer interface for computer programming and/or operation of a Power Cab equipped layout. Requires USB cable, computer and railroad computer program such as JMRI Decoder Pro and Panel Pro.

Detection and Signaling

Power Supplies

P1018, 10A P114, for Power Cab P115 5A

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